Venice off the beaten track

Discover the hidden Venice, the one where you can walk for a good 15 minutes and not meet a single tourist!

this is one of our Venice Tours by locals . We will lead you to discover streets and squares off the standard tourist trail. We will offer you a glimpse of an alternative Venice and show you its history, landmarks and roots. We will lead you to discover our Venice with a private tour guide

The least touristy part of the city is where the real Venetians leave, and you can see the most picturesque
buildings, cool little shops, and the best, least expensive places to eat.The one with all the washing hanging out to dry on the line, the one with the children playing hide and seek, the one with the old ladies having a chat from the windows of opposite buildings! That’s the real Venice.

Away from the river of tourists, who are held back by the fear of getting lost and are always seeking the usual routes, you can discover the hidden soul of this amazing city, the anecdotes of its daily life, both past and
present, the secrets and the magic of this ancient city of water.

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