Top Venice provides the most luxurious apartments in the heart of the historic district of Venice, all of which are tastefully decorated and housed in magnificent structures. If you prefer less populated areas, opulent flats close by are offered to you.

There are many different hotel options available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs while also taking into account whether you want to explore the entire Veneto Region to take advantage of all the lovely day trips from Venice on offer. Find the best proposals of Venice luxurious holiday apartments with Top Venice, selecting the accommodation you desire, the number of guests, the neighborhood you like better and whether the residence you wished is pet friendly.

Discover the best Venice luxury apartments

The greatest option if you’re visiting this lovely location is to rent an apartment there or close by. The Grand Canal views and the abundance of amenities make the provided property stand out from the rest.

All of the apartments have stylish modern design and stunning frescoes done in the classic style. Instead, some of the greatest apartments were saved for you if you preferred to stay on the mainland to be closer to the other cities. These fantastic accommodations will make your trip even more special!