Join us for a Murano Glass Blowing private class!

the glass school allows you to see first-hand, alongside the most important Masters of Glassmakers, the ancient art of glass processing, of which our Glass factory is today one of the most authentic and important performers in all of Murano island.

Our furnace is in fact the largest and most equipped of the island. High-tech and safety ovens can reach a temperature of 1500 °C, ideal for forging works of the highest quality.The art of glass was formally born in 1271. It is an ancient art. Initially it was done in Venice. Then, due to the devastating fires caused by the kilns, the Maggior Consiglio of Venezia, decreed the displacement of all the shops on the island of Murano which thus became the place of choice for glass processing.

we can customize your Murano Glass workshop experience if you travel with kids or if you are all adults.

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