Enjoy a private Gondola tour

You may truly immerse yourself in Venice’s historic environment by planning a private Gondola tour during your visit. This once-in-a-lifetime experience, will enable you to spot the narrowest canals and see some place you’d never be able to see by foot. The greatest way to see the entire city is by taking a Gondola ride tour down the renowned Canal Grande. Top Venice suggests that you take a gondola photoshoot in order to save your memories forever.

You might also want to pause and enjoy a cup of tea in the opulent Palazzo Nani Bernardo, where you can find one of Venice’s most stunning gardens. Alternately, you may stop for a typical aperitif and some finger foods on a gorgeous rooftop. By doing this, you not only get a wonderful view of the city but also the chance to try the local cuisine.

An unique Gondola Ride Tour

You will have the opportunity to explore the area with our local tour guide while also learning about the island’s history, architecture, art, and – most intriguingly – way of life. You might choose to take this kind of sightseeing tour, for instance, accompanied by a violinist who would play the most classical symphonies for you the entire time.

Top Venice offers you a broad range of options to enhance this unique trip. To make this private gondola tour trip even more delightful, you can choose to partake in some champagne tastings with a sommelier guide. With Top Venice, you may customize your tour however you like in order to make it as memorable as possible.

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