The best way to know and experience Venice is certainly by exploring it from the water.

Treat yourself with a private boat tour, sailing around the Grand Canal, unsurprisingly defined as “the most beautiful avenue in the world.”

Our crew will lead you through the most beautiful spots of Venice, recalling the legends, the history and the curiosities of those who once lived in the city: artists, noblemen, courtesans and other inhabitants of the lagoon. We will show you the monuments, the architectural masterpieces, the art pieces that they created or enjoyed from a unique point of view, which you would never get from the land.

To get a better insight of the Venetian culture you will be invited to visit Murano island, known around the world for its outstanding glass production. Enjoy a demonstration of the art of glass blowing, which has a history as long as the history of the city itself.

Continue your journey in the adjacent island of Burano, visible from very afar because of its buildings painted in bright and vivid colours. Wonder around the lovely little streets, meet some locals, enjoy a cup of coffee and make some memorable pictures!

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