Take part in a Venice boat tour

You can take part in a leisure Top Venice boat tour to see the city’s hidden gems. In fact, one of the greatest ways to explore Venice is on a boat. Depending on your schedule, you can decide where and when the boat experience will begin. This private excursion is perfect for a 360° sightseeing of the island.

Think about taking a ride during sunset for a particularly picturesque scene, when the colors of the sky reflect on the lagoon’s water. Take advantage of Venice’s allure and the shades of the twilight, to make your amazing marriage proposal even more memorable.

Private Venice Tour by Boat

After a private Venice Gran Canal boat tour you may decide to see other archipelago islands like Murano, Burano, and Torcello. If you want to witness how the renowned Murano glass is made or to view Burano’s colorful houses, you must visit these small islands.

In Murano, you can have the chance to enter a glass factory and see how the artisans work and blow the glass. You may also want to stop in Torcello for a delicious lunch by the lagoon and taste some of the greatest restaurants in the area.

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