Hone your instagramming skills on our new tour, #Instaclass in Venice!
Though geared for the popular social media app, Instagram, our tour is suitable for all those who are interested in photography. We will cover both the theoretical and practical components to the medium during our three-hour guide to Venice: in the first hour, we will give a general overview of photography and Instagramming basics (including genre, style, and composition of the photography, the kinds of locations available on the island, as well as the editing and final production of the photograph), while the latter part of the day will be spent wandering around the streets of Venice, trying to capture the parts of the city that make it so unforgettable. You will be accompanied around the island by a professional famous Instagrammer, who can provide tips on everything from the most unusual locations Venice has to offer, to the best way to edit a photograph from you phone or camera in order to show off its lighting, to how to properly hashtag a picture for the most likes.

In all respects, this tour is an opportunity to slow down and observe the little things around: the reflections of Venetian red in the green of the lagoon, the daily routine of the village elders chatting in the town square, the quiet ruins of what was once the architectural splendor of “la Serenissma.”

Duration: 4 hrs
about 1hr class
about 3hrs practice around

The tour includes:
Coffe break and class
4 hrs professional instagrammer at disposal

optional: gondola ride to be paid spot

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