The island of Murano, situated in the Venetian lagoon, has long been legendary for its high-quality glassware. Murano is known worldwide for the Murano Glass blowing and for the Murano glass factory.

These artisan works of art have been sought after all over the world, adorning cathedrals and houses of nobility alike. Today, you can still see the legacy of this centuries-old tradition if you visit the island of Murano, which still plays home to the secrets of Venetian glassmaking. For our private Murano tour, we have arranged a Murano glass walking tour of the three main attractions of the island : 

Glass Museum : The collection of the museum, one of the most complete in the world, ranges from antiquity to 20th century works including realizations by the famous Barovier & Toso glass company and glass textiles designed by Carlo Scarpa in the late thirties

Church of Santa Maria e San Donato Church : The church is one of the oldest in the Venetian lagoon. It was originally built in the 7th century and is known to have been rebuilt in the 9th century and in 1040 AD, although it is possible that there have been more rebuildings in later times.

Historical glass factory with own production : The glass blowing art of Murano is synonymous with creativity and mastery, but also with tradition, passion and dedication, which with that same intensity, have been handed down from generation to generation. We will visit one of the oldest and exclusive family run glass factory of the island.

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