Start the day with the preparation for the ceremony; our professional hair stylist and make-up artist will make sure that you look stunning on this very special occasion.TopVenice photographer and assistant will meet you at the hotel and take you on the luxury boat trip to the palace. During this tour you can relax, enjoy the cityscape, a glass of champagne and your fiancé’s company. It is our team’s duty to capture and record the most special moments of this romantic trip.The culmination of the journey, of course, will be the wedding ceremony held in one of the splendid Venetian palaces, with the decorations of flowers and with the most stunning views straight on the Grand Canal. To keep the beautiful tradition alive, we will cut the wedding cake, and to celebrate the new matrimony, we will open a bottle of champagne.Like Italians like to say, la ciliegina sulla torta (the cherry on the top of the cake) will be aperitif followed by gala lunch/dinner.


  • Bouquet
  • Hair stylist and make-up artist for the bride
  • English-speaking assistant
  • Professional photographer
  • Luxury boat to the palace
  • English-speaking officiate
  • Ceremony with flowers
  • Wedding cake and champagne
  • Aperitif and lunch or dinner
  • Private boat back to hotel
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