The perfect Venetian lagoon tour and dinner

Venice is home to some of Italy’s best restaurants. You can trust Top Venice to recommend you the greatest places to eat in the Venetian lagoon.

Traditional delicacies like baccalà and sarde in saor, as well as other fish-based foods, are frequently served at the restaurants that face the lagoon. Otherwise, there are a variety of services for you to choose from if you’d want to enjoy other kinds of experiences, like traditional meals in secret locations or evenings in old castles.

Top rated places to eat in the Venetian lagoon

If you have already eaten at several places in Venice, it is strongly suggested that you try the ones in the other three stunning islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello. The water taxi will take you right to the restaurants of your choice where you will have a glimpse of Venice’s true culinary soul. 

There are many charming places where you can sample some delicious, fresh meals. Before eating lunch, you can visit one of Murano’s historic glass factories and observe the craftsmen who are making the glass. In Burano, instead, you will see unique homes that are painted in vibrant colors.

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