Venice will bring the serenity to your holidays with its calm and undisturbed waters, but for a divine inspira- tion one has to look around the Dolomites mountain range, with some of the highest mountain peaks in all of the Italy. Top Venice proposes you a way of experiencing Italy at its highest, whilst enjoying the luxurious executive car ride with the breathtaking land- scapes and renergizing flora.Recognized as UN- ESCO natural heritage, the Dolomites now attract people for many different reasons, adventures, mountain sports, artistic inspirations or recreational time. The green and rich flora all over the year adorns the horizon of the so called “Pale Mountains” and in the winter time the peaks are dusted with layers of white snow and wrapped in a mysterious fog.

The tour will include your visit to some of the mountains across the range, including Cortina d’Ampezzo, Marmolada with Mount Civetta, and Mount Pelmo. Stopping at these resorts will also be a great opportunity to explore the life of local people, pop-in to a restaurant for a warming meal or a glass of wine. Top Venice & Dolomiti Travel Experience provides with the itinerary that has many different options, it includes some of the most impressive sites, such as Misurina or Baies lakes, some skiing resorts and valleys. Depending on your preferences of the places you want to see, we arrange the trip and make your visit in the Northern Italy rich in experiences and certainly unforgettable.

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