Once the rulers of Venice employed art and architecture to represent the power and wealth they were holding and the Doge’s Palace is the greatest example of this intention. Primarily it served as a private residence for the doge and as a place where the most important political decisions were made and carried out.

Up until now the palace retained the importance and symbolical meaning for the city and the people living here, only that nowadays the edifice can be visited and admired by many and not only by a few chosen ones. During this tour you will visit the Doge’s Palace and see the halls of the body of government and justice, private rooms of the doges, get a glimpse of the prison cells and the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Later you will join the lively crowd, walk around St. Mark’s Square and step in the Basilica that is rather a breath-taking proof of architectural ingenuity and accomplishment. Inside this magnificent building the walls and ceiling are adorned by the most impressive golden mosaics, plenty of exquisite arts, in the centre stands golden altarpiece decorated with enamels and precious stones that was created by Byzantine goldsmiths.

Finally, under the blue cloak of the sky, from the rooftop terrace, where stand the most beautiful and dignified bronze horses that were brought to Venice from Constantinople back in 13th century, you will enjoy the view of St. Mark’s square.

Duration: 2 hours

Tour itinerary:

  • Piazza San Marco;
  • Doge’s Palace;
  • Basilica di San Marco.

Tour includes:

  • English-speaking guide.

Does not include:

  • Entrance tickets to the Doge’s Palace;
  • Priority access to the St. Mark’s Basilica avoiding queues.