Venice is one of the most popular cities on the travelers’ map, it is always busy and plenty of curious visitors from all over the world. Top Venice offers an exclusive bespoke tour to the breathtaking sights after their opening hours and with a company of an experienced tour guide; an opportunity to escape the crowds and have these special places only for yourself. The list of such places includes the famous Clock Tower, Museo Correr, Ca’ Rezzonico, Cà Fortuny, Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica with the underground crypts, and many others.

Clock Tower – the 15th century masterpiece, the clock stands right next to the San Marco’s Basilica. Once altered it is visible from the waters of the lagoon, as a sign of wealth and the power of the city of Venice. The clock displays the hours of the day, moon phases, and the position of the sun in relation to the Zodiac Signs.

Museo Correr – also located in the heart of the city, the San Marco’s Square, a reminder of the times when the city was a part of the Kingdom of Italy. Nowadays it is converted into a museum that allows visitors to explore the architecture, interior and masterpieces accumulated throughout of the centuries, as well as to see modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

Ca’ Rezzonico – this palace stands right on the Grand Canal. Once a property of a noble family, this lavish building now serves as another museum with plenty of ancient relicts and masterpieces by various Italian artists from various centuries.

Cà Fortuny – the palace is probably one among the most visited museums among art lovers. The place kept its spirit of the past, but it is often used as an exhibition space for various feasts of art, either it would be an exposition of the bygone times’ artworks or contemporary creations. A visit here will leave you with no doubt about the importance that the culture plays in Venetian lives.

The Doge’s Palace – it primarily served as a private residence for the doge and as a place where the most important political decisions were made and carried out. Up until now the palace retained the importance and symbolical meaning for the city and the people living here. Only nowadays the edifice can be visited and admired by many and not only by a few chosen ones.

Saint Mark’s Basilica – the most important and Venice best representing building. Architectural Italo-Byzantine monument that captures people gazes since it was erected in around 1063. The basilica is adorned with marble and other precious stones, gold, and creations of craftsmen from various parts of the world; the dome inside covered in mosaics and the altar with stupendous sculptures to emphasize the power of the city of Venice is still working its magic. This is a must to see building not only in terms of Venice but really the world.